Because we have the same service all season, not everyone can decide when the holiday can be planned and we cannot predict beforehand whether or not the sun will shine or not, we apply a fixed room price.
The amount is € 72.50 per room per night, assuming 2 people. This includes breakfast.
A 3e and possibly 4e person, in adjoining room, costs €17.50 p.p.p.n., including breakfast.
Children up to 3 years old stay for free in the room, in a side bed.
You travel alone? Then you pay €60.00 per night, including breakfast.

Tourist tax is calculated separately and is up to €1.00 p.p.p.n.

The prices for the dinner vary, depending on what is eaten that evening.
It is not obligatory to have dinner with us, we will ask you daily, during breakfast.

The costs for the meals are:

Pizza                      € 10,00   Homemade pizza, various tastes, incl. drink
Dish                        € 12.50 Simple but tasty meal, incl. drink
BBQ                         €17.50 various meat dishes, salads and sauces, incl. drink
3-course Menu      €22.50 delicious menu, if possible with local ingredients,                                                                                                                         incl. drink

Would  you more drinks at the meal, then you can get these self suits from the ‘guests’ refrigerator and fill in the off list.

You can order a lunch package, the costs are € 7,50 p.p.
You get 2 sandwiches, a pack of fruit juice, bottle of water, a piece of fruits and a snack.
If you order the package in the evening, we give it the next morning at breakfast.
Are there dietary requirements? Tell us, we will take it into account.
At daytime, of course you are also welcome in the tea garden for a snack and a drink!

The accommodation costs for the room including breakfast, you can pay in advance per bank transfer.
Are you on transit and overnight ‘Unexpected’ with us? No problem, we will charge the total amount in one go.
The costs for drinks and meals during the stay, as well as the tourist tax are charged on departure.

You can pay cash or by card.