Each of the 3 rooms is attractively decorated and has a comfortable bed (1.60 x 2.00m), formatted with a Beds- Twins Duvet (2.40 x 2.20).
We have various types of cushions available, so please a cushion don’t sleep well, ask another one.
In every room there are a few nice chairs and there is closet space (with clothing hangers) to clothes in store.
There are also several parentheses to which you things can hang up.

The bathroom and toilet do not to be shared with other guests.
A hairdryer is provided.
Soap/shampoo is in the shower cubicle.


We will have a daily ‘refresher’ round of rooms create, if you object to that, please let us know.

Smoking in the rooms is prohibited.

Pets in consultation.

In and around the house is free WiFi.

The dining room and living area are located in the adjoining small house.
This makes it very quiet on the sleeping floor and you can enjoy undisturbed your (night) rest.
You get a key from the front door and your room door upon arrival.